Osprey Platform

Gjoa and I have been talking about it for a while and this summer we finally erected a 45' osprey pole in the hopes of attracting a pair of Osprey.  No takers yet but if you know of a nice pair of osprey looking for a good home to raise their family please send them our way.  No references needed.  The platform is in a quite peaceful location on the NW corner of our vineyard and includes a perch with a beautiful view overlooking Lake Okanagan.

Unlike humans, Osprey breed for life and return to the same nest year after year and sometimes over multiple generations.  Some nests have recorded over 70 yrs of continual use.  We missed the 2017 breeding season but we are keeping our fingers crossed for next spring.  We'll keep you posted... 



Oh Deer,


We had some unexpected visitors in the Vineyard the other day.  We spotted a deer down by our barn but the binoculars soon revealed she wasn't alone.  She was busy licking two newborns who were stuggling to take their first steps.   Gjoa and I went down to open our "escape route" that our friend Mike had built into our deer fence for such occasions. 
By the time we wondered down there, careful not to spook our guests Mom had wondered off to find food and she left us two little surpises behind.  This is normal behaviour for deer as the fawns are well camoflaged and have no scent to attract predators. 
We were careful not to disturb them and Mom was back later that evening to feed the twins. All three were on their way the next day and we wish them well.